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I was lucky to spend a week with good friends in beautiful New Mexico last month. Mike Irwin and I happened to make it out to White Sands National Monument and get a few shots in.

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon

I have been blessed to have visited Page, Arizona and the stunning Upper and Lower Antelope slot Canyons on multiple occasions. This collection represents the beauty that mother nature has provided on a sandstone canvas.

The regular water erosion and constantly changing elevation of the sandy floor of the canyon ensure that every photograph of this magical place is unique.

round the corner, not far away

round the corner, not far away, originally uploaded by McMike-.

#51 of 365 project

I went out yesterday at lunch again to shoot and stopped by an old barn in a field across from our local Home Depot. When we first moved to Flower Mound, this was a field with a dirt road through it. Now, it's a 4 lane paved boulevard. There is still ranch land on both sides (except for the Home Depot) and this old farm equipment and a the barn to camera left.

It was previously grown over with prairie grass and weeds, but has been recently mowed down. I wonder if they're cleaning up the property so they can build a Lowes across the street from the Home Depot?

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#50 of 365 project

Couldn't come up with a clever title for this one, so a description is all you get.

I was playing with the macro lens last night and decided to pull out the knife again the try some "droplet" shots. Even though the droplet wasn't suspended, I liked this shot because of where it landed.

tried and true

tried and true, originally uploaded by McMike-.

#49 of 365 project

mike.irwin and I went out for a day of shooting and made the hour drive up to Muenster, TX to the (fairly) new wind farm. It was pretty early in the day when we got there, so we drove around quite a bit and scouted. Even made it all the way into Oklahoma! Yeah, it sucked.

On the way north, we passed this old fashioned windmill and Mike said he wanted to stop on the way back and get some infrared shots of the tree in the middle of the frame.

bum a light?

bum a light?, originally uploaded by McMike-.

#48 of 365 project

Was in a hurry and wanted to try and get a detail shot I've been working on for quite some time.

I took a different approach this time around and left the lights on while I tested out depth of field and exposure, then turned the lights off and lit the match. I was lucky to have pretty much nailed the exposure I was looking for on the second shot.

That is a /very/ rare occurrence.


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#47 of 365 project

I've been feeling rather stifled trying to take my daily shots either a) while cooking dinner, or b) after putting Liam to bed. I've decided to try to go out during my lunch break and force myself to shoot in harsh conditions (i.e. horrible mid-day lighting).

I have to accept that I can't always be in a great place for the "golden hours". Over the past couple of days practicing this, I've come to the conclusion that mid-day is not as bad as it seems, provided there's some nice close-up texture to capture.

we all go down... together

we all go down... together, originally uploaded by McMike-.

#46 of 365 project

My good buddy Stephen has taught me the err of my ways. I've decided for now that I'll continue the 365 project and try as hard as I can to keep it going for duration. Hey, 46 into it is not bad!

Regarding the shot, there's an old settler's cemetary around the bend from my house that is a "historical marker". I've been wanting to go out there I could capture some atmosphere, but there are very, VERY few headstones and it's in the middle of a very (sub)urban area, so it's not very quiet.

If they could hear, they would definitely not be resting in peace.

running out of ideas

running out of ideas, originally uploaded by McMike-.

#45 of 365 (?) project

Running out of new ideas... As mike.irwin has said, I don't want to turn into one of those people that take a picture of myself sitting on the toilet, like most 365 projects turn into (not all, but a lot).

Having said that, I'm thinking about sticking with a project, but most likely not a daily project. I may do something along the lines of a weekly shot, or top 3 of the week, or something like that.

Any ideas or recommendations?


sorry, originally uploaded by McMike-.

#44 of 365 project

Traditionally, my wife and I celebrate "Valentine's" on the following Friday after the "official" holiday. We've been doing this since the first year we were together.

Well, I got home last Friday night and had forgotten to get her a card, flowers or anything else. I felt horrible, so Liam and I went to the store yesterday to pick up some flowers for her.